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  • children's backrest called chair
  • children's backrest called chair
  • children's backrest called chair
  • children's backrest called chair
  • children's backrest called chair
  • children's backrest called chair
  • children's backrest called chair

children's backrest called chair

children's backrest called chair
Stable and stable, able to go up and down, to better accompany the child
26cm high: 26*38*39*51cm
30cm height: 30*38*39*55cm
1.The height can be adjusted to accompany the baby's growth. There are two kinds of footrests, high and short, suitable for babies of different heights.
2.PVC leather upholstery is dirt-resistant, removable, breathable and dirt-resistant, wipes clean, soft and comfortable, and removable.
3.The cute soft cushion is called the chair, the soft cute cartoon cushion, the bottom whistle design, every time you sit, it will stimulate the baby's interest and cultivate the baby's good habits.
4.One chair can be used for multiple purposes, and can be switched freely among various modes to achieve parent-child interaction and meet the needs of the baby to eat independently, learn, play with toys, etc.
5.Strictly select PP materials, select raw materials, and feel more secure in close contact with babies. BPA-free, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, safe and healthy.
6.The ergonomic and comfortable spine protector conforms to the baby's spine line, preventing backward fall and protecting the baby's spine development.
7.Upgraded foot chair support surface, mechanical anti-slip foot pads, in the upgraded version, the area of the four feet is larger, with mechanical anti-slip foot pads, the chair is more stable, the baby is safer, and the mother is more comfortable.
8.The soft PVC backrest is more comfortable to protect the waist, and the intimate soft backrest design can better care for the baby's lumbar spine, and the mother is more assured.
9.Portable groove design, intimate groove design, more convenient to move, baby and mother prefer.

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