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  • Children's sitting bottom wash basin
  • Children's sitting bottom wash basin
  • Children's sitting bottom wash basin

Children's sitting bottom wash basin

Children's sitting bottom wash basin
Outside width: 28cm
Inner width: 17cm
Length: 42cm
Height: 16cm
1.Create a child's seated butt wash, wash stool / bath stool / two-in-one use, can be used for various ages.
2.Hanging and draining is easy to store, and the side hanging ring design can be hung and drained, easy to store, free up more space for life, more convenient and practical.
3.One-piece rounded corner design, ergonomic design, one-piece molding without burrs, 360° round and smooth design, care for the little butt without bumping and scratching.
4.Enlarged anti-skid pad design, four anti-skid ring design at the bottom, firmly grasp the ground, no slippage, safer for babies and more at ease for mothers.
5.Thick and practical material + column design, more strong and tough ABS, PP materials, with 6 reinforced columns, parents can ride without problems.
6.Deepening the water tank splash-proof design Deepening the water tank design to prevent sewage splashing during cleaning Reasonable capacity, which can meet the needs of babies and adults at the same time.
7.PU cushion has high rebound, Q soft elastic is comfortable, no ice in winter, no sultry in summer, care for little butt, more comfortable for baby.
8.Selection of PP materials, environmentally friendly materials, green and healthy, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, bisphenol A free, safe and healthy.

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