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  • Eco-friendly microwave oven
  • Eco-friendly microwave oven
  • Eco-friendly microwave oven

Eco-friendly microwave oven

Eco-friendly microwave oven separate steamer
Specifications: 21*26.5 (cm)
Separate steamer, one basket is multi-purpose, saving time and space.
1.Quality upgrade, antibacterial, mildew proof, healthy and environmentally friendly, durable.
2.The steamer layer is designed with fine and small holes, which has good air permeability and can be cooked quickly.
3.Only one large capacity is needed, which can easily solve the problem of eating for the whole family.
4.The preferred material is dedicated to microwave ovens, and the environmentally friendly pp material can be used with confidence.
5.Thermal insulation transparent cover, it is more convenient to watch whether the food is heated when the thermal insulation transparent microwave is completed, thermal insulation and dustproof.
6.Breathable holes, transparent cover with vent holes for easy steam discharge without expansion.
7.Handle design, thickened handles at both ends, easy to take and anti-scalding, smooth edges and good feel.
8.Usage steps: add water to the bottom plate, put the food on the steamer, and then put the steamer into the microwave oven.

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