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  • Baby household cartoon ke base toilet
  • Baby household cartoon ke base toilet
  • Baby household cartoon ke base toilet
  • Baby household cartoon ke base toilet

Baby household cartoon ke base toilet

baby household cartoon ke base toilet
1.Three types of cushions, comfortable sitting experience, a variety of cushion options, high comfort, choose the right one to meet the various needs of the baby.
2.The upgraded PU is made of high-density material. Not all seat cushions are PU cushions. The surface of the cushion made of PU has toughness, texture, and is not easy to absorb water and is easy to clean.
3.Three cushions accompany the four seasons. In order to make the baby not afraid of cold in winter, we use a soft PU cushion, which is soft and comfortable. In summer, a hard seat can be used to solve the problem of defecation.
4.The artistic tones are cute and cute, and the rounded and contrasting color matching attracts the baby's attention. Love is the best teacher and develops a good habit of going to the toilet.
5.PP material is preferred, tough and durable without peculiar smell, and environmentally friendly PP material is preferred.
6.Thick and practical material, high load-bearing reinforcement design, more materials, strong and tough PP material, with 8 load-bearing columns, Bao Mom and Dad can bear no problem.
7.Split design, convenient and detachable and easy to clean, independent toilet design, smooth inner wall polished, easy to clean the dirt.
8.Convenient and replaceable cleaning bag, throw it away when you use it, making cleaning easier.
9.Bottom anti-slip design, safe and stable, suitable for a variety of ground, giving the baby a stable sense of security.
10.Folding resistance is not easy to break, and the toilet cover and seat cushion have undergone repeated lifting tests, and the quality is more assured.
11.Develop a good habit of going to the toilet. The front of the urinal is raised to prevent the urine from splashing effectively. It is suitable for boys and girls, and there is no need to worry about urinating outside the urinal.

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